Key Stage 3 Maths


Maths - KS 3

Badger Incidents from 2010/2016 Data work on badger incidents in County Durham from 2010 to 2016
A Mission of Mercy. Calculations of time and distance
Action and Reaction. Mathematical work around the reaction time of badgers
Approximate Sunset Times. Mathematical work around sunset times over the year
Badgers and Climate Change Activities around the problem of climate change.
Conference Time. Work around time
Fields. Shape and space
Making a Pond. Calculation and planning around the construction of a pond.
Measuring Territories With Little Bits of Plastic Capacity
Nuts Volume
Plan an outdoor training event for a wildlife orga Statistical work around planning an event
Probability and Prediction. Probability work around badgers
Temperature. Statistical work on temperature
The Maths of a Badger Sett Various maths exercises around a badger sett
Trapezoidal Fields Shape and Space

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