Science KS1

Science - KS1

A Feast for our Senses Sensory science
A Log Pile Making a log pile to help wildlife
Alive? Can you cut out the pictures and put them into the right boxes?
Badger Senses How badgers use their five senses to get around their territory.
Badger Teeth Mammalian Teeth
Bits of a Badger Animal body parts
Love Your Butterflies Why don’t you plant shrubs to encourage butterflies to your garden?
Pebble Pools Create a pebble pool to help wildlife
Pushes and Pulls Which of these animals are pushing, and which are pulling?
So why not help wildlife? What can you do to help wildlife around school/at home?
Sorting Animals Cut and paste the animals into the right place on the Carroll diagram?
Tiny Traps for Tiny Animals Making pit-fall traps and describing minibeasts.
Variation Separate these living things into two groups.
Where Animals Live Different habitats for different animals.
Which Animal Is It? Can you name the animals hidden behind the shapes?
Wild Animals and their Babies Can you link up the animals to their babies?

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