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2927 Greenman Teacher lesson idea Green Man from the Woodland Trust. (These sheets were designed to be shared.)
Wildwood Christmas. Pagans describe Paganism as a spiritual, nature-loving belief system.
All Things Bright and Beautiful. Please take care of all creatures great and small.
ANIMAL HONOUR. Native American relationship with animals.
Animals in Buddhism. Buddhism is a very animal-friendly religion. It asks all Buddhists to be kind to animals.
Animals in Paganism. Paganism is a religion of nature, in other words Pagans worship Nature.
Badgers in Paganism. The badger is thought to be the keeper of knowledge of our Earth.
Badgers in the Bible. So, did badgers feature in the Bible?
Christmas. Are the meanings of our Christmas festivities exactly what we think?
Connecting to the Earth. Would you like to live in harmony with the Earth? It’s not difficult to do.
.Do you always do your best? Do your best for our wildlife!
EPICURUS AND HIS THEORIES. Epicurus was the founder of a school of philosophy known as Epicureanism.
Faith in Nature A poem by Ammon Wrigley
How the Earth began - A humanist perspective. The Humanist view of how we come to be here.
The Pagan Creation Story of The Goddess Luonnotar. The Pagan creation story.
'My Cathedral' A poem by Jeremy Frith.
Nighttime Prayer. What happens when we are asleep?
O God, Your Creatures Fill the Earth. Poem (unattributed)
St. Ciaran, the Fox, the Badger and the Wolf. St Ciaran was an Irish Bishop and Saint.
SPIRITUALITY. For many religions around the world, the main spiritual path is Nature.
St. Francis of Assisi. St Francis is the patron saint of animals and the environment. His feast day is 4th October.
The Christmas Story. What was it really like?
The Green Man. We depend upon the Green Man for so many things.
The Legend of the Spiders. A Christmas story
The Sikh Creation Story. Look at these pieces from the scriptures. Is anything similar?
What would you be? What would you be if you were reincarnated?
WISE WORDS FROM LAO TZE. Read the wise sayings carefully and then discuss what you think they mean.
Xmas Card. Make a Christmas card
Yule A Christmas Sestina

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