Maths KS2

Maths - KS2

A Pyramid of Worms Add together the numbers in each box to find how many worms a badger ate one night.
Are You a Waster? Your job is to graph the figures so that you have a visual idea of just how much we waste!
Associative Property of Addition The associative property of addition is a maths rule that is always true.
Associative Property of Multiplication The associative property of multiplication is a maths rule that is always true.
Badger and Worms Problem Maths problems
Badger Buzz! A badgery take on the old maths game
Badgers and Climate Change Various aspects of maths
Book a Holiday Costings and times
Caring for Our Badgers Costings and amounts
'Chinese Multiplication' Long multiplication made easy for those who struggle with it.
Digit the Badger - 1 Maths Quiz
Digit the Badger - 2 Costings, time, coordinates
Digit the Badger - 3 Various aspects of maths puzzles
Digit the Badger - 4 Badger puzzles - various areas of maths
Digit the Badger - 5 Angles
Digit the Badger - 6 Recording the weather
Digit the Badger - 7 What's in your lunchbox?
Digit the Badger - 8 Ratios
Digit the Badger - 9 Mean, Median, Mode, Range
Digit the Badger - 10 Puzzle maths
Digit the Badger - Answers Answers to the Digit the Badger worksheets
Digital Root The digital root of a number is the single digit number you end up with when you add up all the digi
Distributive Laws Multiplying a number is the same as multiplying its addends of the number, then adding the products.
Driving Down Road Accident Toll Graph work
Farmer Green's Fields Shape and Space
Fibonacci Sequences You can find Fibonacci Sequences all over the natural world.
Forest Fire! Tracking the spread of a forest fire.
FUNDAMENTAL THEOREM OF ARITHMETIC A whole number greater than one is either a prime number or can be written as a product of prime.
Furry Football Various aspects of maths around a football tournament.
Furry Football Tournament - answers Answers to previous worksheet
Half of our animals are gone!!! By taking more than nature can replenish, we are jeopardising our own future
Keeping an Eye on the Badger Family Can you design a data collection sheet?
Mathspelling 1 Mathematical spellings
Mathspelling 2 Mathematical spellings
Mathspelling 3 Mathematical Spellings
Mathspelling 4 Mathematical spellings
Multiplication Principles The multiplication principle is the method that uses multiplication to work out the total number.
Number types Abundant Numbers, Deficient Numbers, Perfect Numbers, Figurate Numbers
Ogive An OGIVE is a line joining the top right hand corners of the bars in a cumulative frequency polygon.
Relative Prime Numbers Use this when comparing two numbers: having only one as a factor. (Sometimes called a co-prime.)
Re-wilding a Woodland You need to consider re-wilding a piece of land to woodland for the benefit for wildlife.
SIEVE OF ERASTOSTHENES A way of identifying prime numbers in a set.
Slope on a Line The slope ratio of a line tells us how steep a line is
Summer Fair Tally sheets/ area
Tally and Tot-Up 1 Counting
Tally and Tot-Up 2 Badger subtraction
Tally and Tot-Up 3 Dividing badgers into setts
Tally and Tot-Up 4 Badger division
Tally and Tot-Up 5 Simple badger fractions
Tally and Tot-Up 6 Coordinates
Tally and Tot-Up 7 Amounts
Tally and Tot-Up 8 Tally counts
Tally and Tot-Up 9 Cylinders, Cuboids
Tally and Tot-Up 10 Angles
Tally and Tot-Up Answers Answers to the Tally and Tot-Up worksheets
Tessellation Which of these shapes tessellate?
Travel Graphs A travel graph that shows the relationship between time and distance travelled.
Water Butt Maths Volume
Who Ate What? Venn Diagram
Who ate What (Answers) Answers to previous worksheet
Why Elephants Have Big Ears Volume v Surface Area - why does it matter?
Wild Olympics So, here we are for the Wildlife Olympics. It’s humans verses wildlife for the medals.

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