Maths KS1

Maths - KS1

Number Snap Play number nap with Billy Badger and his woodland friends.
A Big Pyramid of Worms Add together the numbers in each box to find how many worms a badger ate at night.
Adding in the Wood Simple addition
Badger Fractions Simple fractions using badgers.
Badgers in the Wood Subtracting badgers
Badgery Pairs How many animals altogether?
Counting Flashcards Counting and comparing numbers
Counting Sequences Count on and fill in the missing numbers to help Billy Badger find his way home.
Counting Up Adding badgers to a group
Cut Out and Order Badgers Flash cards for number order to 20
Doubling Multiplying animals
Halving Dividing animals
Help the Badger Climb the Hill Number order.
More and less? Adding or taking one more badger.
More or less? Are there more or fewer, (less), badgers in the first set than the second set?
Number bonds to 10 Simple number bonds to 10
Number bonds to 20 Number bonds up to 20.
Odds and Evens The principle of odd and even numbers in a board game.
Pairs How many pairs can you see? How many badgers altogether?
Rounding to the nearest ten Rounding numbers
Wildlife Pictogram Simple graph work about favourite animals
Worm Share Sharing out worms between badgers

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