Educational Resources

Animal Report Could you write a report about your favourite animal?
Badger Wordsearch Why not try our badger wordsearch?
Badger Wordsearch Answers Answers to our badger wordsearch.
Badgers in Code Can you crack the code to read what the sentences say about badgers?
Black and White Negatives puzzle
Mammal Anagram Have a try at working out our mammal anagrams.
Anagram Answers Answers to the mammal anagrams.
The Scribble Quiz Can you work out what the words are?
Tips on Badger Watching Here are some useful tips if you want to watch badgers.
Wildlife Quiz Try our wildlife quiz.
Wildwood Wordsearch Have a go at the wildwood wordsearch.
Wildwood Wordsearch Answers Wildwood answers
Animal Grid 1 Try rearranging the letters to solve the animal grids.
Animal Grid 2 Got the idea now? Try grid 2.
Animal Grid 3 Try animal grid 3
Animal Grid 4 Try animal grid 4
Badger Grid Have a go at solving our badger grid puzzle
Badger Grid Answers Answers to the Badger Grid
Achi Achi is an African game for 2 players.
Badgers and Worms This game was invented in Iceland, some time before 1300 AD.
Badger Solitaire The origins of this game a re unknown. It is a game for just 1 player.
Dodge Badger You win if you can get all of your counters into your opponent’s starting positions.
Fives and Threes The winner is the first player to land on the 100 square.
Gomoku Gomoku was invented in Japan, during the Heian Period (794-1185 A.D.)
Hnefatafl, (an ancient Viking board game) My own badgery interpretation of this ancient Viking game.
Line 'em Up The game is best for 2 players, but more could play.
Nine Badgers' Morris Nine Men’s Morris has been a popular game in England for many years.

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