Educational Resources

Animal Art in Blocks of Colour Drawing animals using blocks of colour
Artistic Anthropomorphism Drawing animals and giving them human characteristics
Art - plants and flowers in blocks of colour How to draw flowers in blocks of colour
Art - more plants More images of flowers in blocks of colour
Artistic images of plants in stained glass Artistic images that appear to be stained glass
Art in blocks of colour Using blocks of colour to create natural pictures
Badger Graphic Design Using graphic design to create animal images
It's all black and white Negative images
Can you tell what it is? Learn to represent animals in silhouette
Drawing Cartoon Animals Learn to draw cartoon animals
Christmas Snowstorm Create a Christmas badgery snowstorm
Create a Graphic Badger Tree Learn to draw using basic graphic design techniques
Design Wildlife Stamps Draw a design for a new stamp
Fantastic Images of Animals Learn to draw fantastic pictures of animals
How to Illustrate Animals Learn to illustrate animals
Learn to Draw with Bertie Badger Learn to draw using the grid method.
Badgery Xmas Card Design your own badgery Christmas card

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