I heard the calls within the leafy wood,
As sun tipped over, slid toward the earth,
And breeze blew softly, wafting summer’s leaves.
Who made the sound and what his mission there?
I pondered as I stood to hear and stare.
But turned and wandered on with troubled mind.

I could not soothe the burden in my mind,trees
To know what happened deep within the wood.
I went and climbed the bankside’s craggy stair,
And gasped to see the carnage of the earth
For chasms gaped in riven earth right there,
Beneath my feet, while tears dripped from early morning leaves.

But who comes to the wood, defiles and leaves?
What twisted thoughts can live within a mind?
What soul could bring such devastation there?
To dig and hurt and kill in peaceful wood,
To drag old brock in terror from the earthfoxes
But I could only stand and weep and stare.

As seasons turned I still returned to stare.
Now winter’s gone and spring brings forth the leaves,
As nature mends the scars upon the earth,
But does not heal the scars upon my mind
Could I have foiled Grim Reaper in that wood?
Had I not turned my back upon it there?

Now May has come and life, new life, grows there.
And badger cubs cavort and stand and stare,
As I tread softly through the late spring wood,
And crack the twigs and gently part the leaves,
To pour the soothing balm upon my mind,
That Mother Nature’s healed her injured earth.

Now summer’s come and fox lies up in earth,3 badgers
And suckles cubs secreted deep in there.
The badgers sniff, but not one seems to mind
When cubs emerge to blink and stand and stare,
And feel the breeze that ruffles fur and leaves
And cubs know naught of terror in their wood.

And I sit tightly on the earth and stare
At new life there that roots among the leaves.
My mind at peace in my beloved wood

Graham Temby 2012

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